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Label Maker Tape For DYMO D1 45013 Black-On-White Tape, 0.5" x 23'

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Can be used in the following Dymo printers:

DYMO 2000, DYMO 3500, DYMO 4500, LabelManager 100, LabelManager 120P, LabelManager 150, LabelManager 160, LabelManager 200, LabelManager 210D, LabelManager 220P, LabelManager 260D, LabelManager 280, LabelManager 300, LabelManager 350, LabelManager 360D, LabelManager 400, LabelManager 420P, LabelManager450, LabelManager 450D, LabelManager 500TS, LabelManager PC II, LabelManager PnP, LabelManager PnP Wireless, LabelPoint 100, LabelPoint 150, LabelPoint 200, LabelPoint 250, LabelPoint 300, LabelPoint 350, LabelWriter Duo, DYMO Pocket, etc.             

Package included: 

1-Pack Compatible DYMO 45013 1/2 inch black on white D1 tape cartridge 

Type: D1 standard labeling tape

Size: 12mm (1/2") 

Length: 7m (23ft) 

Color: black print on white tape 



Easy to using just following those tips


You can following this tips to use our d1 label tapes:


  • The ribbon may be loose during shipping, so please turn the gear in the direction of arrow on the tape (Clockwise Turning) to tighten the ribbon and avoid any jam before installing the D1 label tape into the label printers.​
  • Before printing completely ended, please do not pull the D1 label in advance to avoid any damage.B
  • efore the end of printing, please do not touch the cutter of label maker to avoid any error.