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Flexible ID Tape Compatible Label Maker Tape for Brother P-touch TZe-FX 24mmx8mm 0.94"W

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Laminated: Yes

Warranty: 36 month

Length: 8m (26.2ft)

Width: 24mm (0.94") 

Color: Black on White Flexible

It is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Type: Premium Compatible Label Tape (Not OEM)

Features: Fade resistance ; Water resistance ; Abrasion resistance ; Chemical resistance ; Temperature resistance

Applications: Widely use in home, school, office, library, industry, factory, supermarket, warehouse management, hotel, medical laboratory, asset management, communication network system and so on.

Printer available:
PT-1400, PT-1500, PT-1500PC, PT-1600, PT-1960
PT-2110, PT-2200, PT-2210, PT-2300, PT-2310
PT-2400, PT-2410, PT-2430PC, PT-2470
PT-2500PC, PT-2600, PT-2610
PT-2700, PT-2710, PT-2730, PT-2730VP
PT-330, PT-350, PT-3600
PT-520, PT-530, PT-540, PT-550, PT-580C
PT-7500, PT-7600
PT-9200DX, PT-9200PC, PT-9400
PT-9500PC, PT-9600, PT-9700PC, PT-9800PCN
PT-D600, PT-D600VP, PT-D800W
PT-E500, PT-E500VP, PT-E550W, PT-E550WVP
PT-H500LI, PT-P700, PT-P750W, PT-P750WVP
PT-P900W, PT-P950NW, PT Cube Plus