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Flexible ID Tape Compatible Label Maker Tape for Brother P-touch TZe-FX 12mmx8mm 0.47"W

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12mm wide, 8m long

High quality genuine Brother cassette

Ensure clear, durable results

 TZEFX231   Datasheet

Primarily designed for the use in the identification of cables and fibre, this 12mm TZe-FX231 labelling tape has been rigorously tested by Brother to ensure you can print ID labels quickly and efficiently. 

Developed with a special adhesive that allows labels to be easily applied to cable, PVC tubing or anything else cylinder-shaped, the Brother TZe-FX231 black on white labelling tape is also suitable for use on other tightly curved surfaces such as pipes and conduits. Your label can either be wrapped repeatedly around the cable, or stuck to itself in the style of a flag.

Compatible with a wide range of our P-touch printers, our replacement laminated labels have been developed to last, and are able to withstand extremes of temperature, sunlight, water, chemicals and abrasion.