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"ebay" Branded Message Carton Box Shipping Sealing Tape

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"ebay" Branded Message Tape is the perfect choice for sealing your packages.

This high-quality BOPP tape is 2" wide and 2.2 ml thick, providing extra strength and reliability. The tape also offers a strong adhesive and a non-yellowing adhesive with high resistance to UV rays. It's moisture resistant and can withstand extreme cold and heat, making it an ideal solution for any packaging needs. This tape is designed to last, with a sturdy backing film and 75 yards of tape in each roll. This will save you time while ensuring that the tape holds up well. The tape is easy to use, allowing you to quickly and easily seal your packages. Whether you're an online retailer, a business, or someone who just needs to ship items occasionally.

"ebay" Branded Message Tape is a reliable, affordable solution that will make sure your packages are securely sealed. With its high tensile strength, moisture resistance, and UV resistance, you can be confident that your packages will arrive safely.