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1.75mm Shine Silk Metallic PLA Filament 1kg(2.2 lbs) For FDM 3D Printer Material Spool

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Upgraded Version PLA META FDM 3D Printer Material
Polylactic acid is the gold standard for mostthermoplastic printing applications.Formulated with plant-based materials andpolymers, this non-toxic,  low-odor materialdoes not require the use of a heated bed.

It is suitable for fast printing and printinglarge-sized models, printed products haveflat and smooth surfaces.


Well Performance High Quality:
Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, biodegradable
Soft color, warm color
Low shrinkage rate
High strength and stiffness
Very good toughness, not easy to brittle break
Printing temperature is 180~200°. Lower printing temperature means more energy saving and environmental protection, reduce the loss of printers.
Good flowability. Print smoothness than PLA and PLA+, greatly improve the success rate of printing
Good drop resistance and impact resistance. After drop testing, the drop resistance is better than the existing PLA and PLA+ by about double.
High Flow Better for Fast Printing.